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Free - Chapter 8: Danville

Articles - Table of Contents

The Process of Recovery

How My Book On Panic Disorder & Alcoholism Can Help

Until One Is Committed

"Autobiography in Five Short Chapters"

Change Your Thinking & You Will Change Your Life

Twenty-One Characteristics Of A Co-Dependent

"The Awakening" by Denise M. "Sonny" Carroll © 1999

"What I Have Lived For" by Bertrand Russell"

"Comes The Dawn" by Veronica A. Shoffstall

"Never Feel Inadequate" "God Calling" by Two Listeners

Panic Disorder

Understanding Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder - How You Can Help

What Is Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia?

What We Tell Ourselves Reinforces Agoraphobia

How To Use Visualization To Calm Panic Attacks

My Book, My Journey & My Recovery From Panic Disorder

How To Conquer Driving Anxiety

Alcoholism & Addiction

Ways To Prevent Relapse

The Difficulty In Diagnosing Early Stage Alcoholism

The Challenge of Treating Dual Disorders

Mr. Tambourine Man And Addiction

A Whiter Shade Of Pale - The Missing Verses

How Can I Convince Myself To Stop Smoking Marijuana Forever?

It Gets Better Before It Gets Worse: My Recovery From Alcoholism - Text & Video

Rehab: The Director's Speech

Using Visualization To Allay The Obsession To Drink


Synchronicity - Can Fate Be Disrupted?

Shigeru Ban - The People's Architect

Country Music: Same Melody, Different Lyrics

Stay Focused, Not Frazzled

Working for a Bullying Boss

Baseball, Umpires And Dummy Hoy

Quantum Physics: Schrödinger's Cat and Cecil Adams' Poem

An Overview of Yin-Yang & Taoism

Content Analysis of Dreams


An Ancient Way To Improve Memory - using long term visual memory

How To Use Visualization To Calm Panic Attacks

Using Visualization To Allay The Obsession To Drink


Canoeing On The Chapleau River In Northern Ontario

The Other Renée Zellweger

Jack's First Time--Almost

Journal - The Wake Of Hurricane Charley

Georgia O'Keeffe's New Mexico - The Taos Church

It Didn't Make The Daily News, But In The New York Times, The Headline Read...

The Architect

Taking Charge

The Telephone Conversation


The Front Porch


Sea Song - A Sestina poem about love and the sea - Text & Video

Cigar Store Indian - Text & Video

The New Bridge - Text & Video

The Whistle Stop - Text & Video

The Case Of The Nude Descending A Stair - Text & Video

The Plain Girl - Text & Video

The Cottage - Text & Video

Mars At 34 Million Miles - Text & Video

The Golden Rule Extended - Text & Video

Porches - Text & Video

The Baglady From Parkslope - Text & Video

Robert Frost: Poetic License


Videos On YouTube

Panic Disorder & Alcoholism Recovery - Playlist

Poetry - Playlist

Fort Myers, Florida - Playlist

Historic Fort Myers by Block - Playlist

Alcoholism has destroyed countless lives and relationships. Alcoholism is a direct cause of death, disease, crime, violence, divorce, job loss and highway accidents, with an annual cost in the billions of dollars. The emotional impact of alcoholism cannot be measured. For every active alcoholic, five or more people in their lives are deeply scarred by the disease.

The devastation of panic disorder is more insidious. Panic attacks are horrifying experiences and repeated attacks can leave a victim in a chronic state of fear, restricting their mobility and their ability to earn a living. Someone with a dual diagnosis faces a crippling, treatment resistant disease until the co-existing disorders are treated simultaneously.

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