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How My Book On Panic Disorder & Alcoholism Can Help

Community mental health services and facilities are becoming more aware of the value of using peer counselors in a rehabilitation capacity. Alcoholism and drug treatment centers have been aware for decades that hiring recovering addicts and alcoholics, trained as counselors, adds to the credibility and success of their services. People in addiction recovery have been resistant to the counseling efforts of non-addicted therapists. Addicts sense that those who have been in the trenches fighting addiction have a deeper level of understanding than those who have only learned their trade in school and textbooks.

There is a gap between theoretical concepts and real life experience. Publishing the stories of both the mentally ill and the addicted, their disease and recovery, helps both the public and the professional caregiver to better understand the torment the victims experience, the nature of their disease, and the different roads they traveled on the journey into recovery.

My book is one such story. After reading my book, you will gain a better understanding of both panic disorder and addiction, and the bond that is formed between the two diseases.

You'll gain a better understanding of:

Panic Disorder:

What a panic attack feels like and the complete terror one experiences.
The development of the phobia that keeps a victim from visiting shopping centers, open spaces and closed places.
The development of agoraphobia.
Resistance to facing feared places.
The process of recovery.

Alcoholism and Addiction:

How self-medication can lead to addiction.
The progressive nature of addiction.
The denial that prevents effective treatment.
The process of relapse and avoiding relapse.
The process of recovery.
The necessity of treating dual disorders side by side.

People affected by mental illness and addiction need empathy from someone who has  experienced a dual disorder and recovered from it . Part of recovery is talking with others who have had the same problem. Recovery is profoundly influenced by the experience, strength and hope of those who have found their way to freedom.

Community support is possible when the community has a better understanding of mental illness and addiction.

Who will my book help? The families, significant others, and other people involved in the life of one with a dual disorder. It will promote an understanding of alcoholism, panic disorder, and co-existing disorders to anyone who reads the book. Because it is a personal story, the book will bring to life the struggles that many go through in their search for help. Above all, it is a testament of hope and an entreaty to never give up no matter how dire life becomes.

The book will  be helpful to psychiatric personnel, police officers and others involved in crisis intervention, as well.

The stigma against mental illness and addictions will begin to dissolve as people learn about the true nature of disease and recovery.

Copyright ©2012 Michael Jackson Smith

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