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The Road To Fort Worth

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Sea Song - A Sestina Poem

We walked along the shoreline watching a breaking wave;

The sea surge rose to a peak, then the swell, in its swirling,

Curling, folding under itself, collapsed into a bed

Of froth that moved onshore, creating one verse of the sea's song,

A long, rhythmic symphony, a hymn to the universe and to men,

Repeating the wave's long swoosh and whisper of its backward sweep.

We embraced. with the wave's undertow in a constant sweep,

Pulling sand from under our feet, sand pulled by each wave

Back to the sea, the deep and lonely sea, an endless void that men

Dared to love, tried to conquer, yet were betrayed by the sea's swirling,

Curling, endless breaking of waves when the crescendo of the sea's song

Increased to a maddening tempo and finally calmed into a flattened bed.

Dancing a new kind of waltz to keep from falling into the sea's bed,

We were held in an endless embrace, praying that time in its sweep

Would give us a moment longer, before our parting, to feel the sea's song

Whisper its soft, swoosh and sweep song and the swoon that each wave,

Gently lapping at our feet, brought to our souls in the curling, swirling,

Maddening and luring capture of love that was heaven sent to men.

Love is elusive, never to be captured or understood by men,

Though, countless minds have tried and failed and wept before bed

With the pain of loss or the swoon of love, left in a whirlpool of the swirling,

Curling mystery of both love and loss in the endless movement of the sweep

Of time. feeling only the constant march of time and the endless sea's wave

In it's curling, swirling crashing advance and retreat and endless song.

The sea never changes its beat, only increases the intensity of its song,

Though both the rhythm and intensity of the changing hearts of men

Begins with the passion of lust and calms to a gentle wave,

Or what once seemed so blessed becomes a nightmare of despair, and the bed

Of discontent and misery, as the sea continues its motion with a sweep,

And advance and retreat of waves on the shore in an endless rhythm of swirling.

We looked into each others eyes, looking for a promise, but found the swirling

Reflection of the sea and the setting sun. The swoosh and sweep song

Of the sea continued to lure us, to carry us aloft into the heavens with the sweep

Of each wave caressing our feet. We felt the touch of God that few men

Can grasp in their hands for more than a moment, yet knew that at our bed

Might doubt arise, though we had been given the gift of the sea's song and God's wave.

We watched the sun set over the sea as a wave again was curling, swirling

Into a bed of froth and the air chilled, and we held each other listening to the song

That most men never hear: Only my song is forever, the sea song whispered in its sweep.

Copyright ©2012 Michael Jackson Smith

A sestina is a fixed verse form consisting of six stanzas of six lines each, normally followed by a three-line envoi. The words that end each line of the first stanza are used as line endings in each of the following stanzas.

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