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The Road To Fort Worth

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The New Bridge

The bridge dedication had the usual fare of pomp and circumstance, opening with the invocation asking that we become bridges to people in need, followed by the high school band playing "America the Beautiful," a little out of tune, the mayor's tribute, the engineer's remarks, and the congress-woman's words. The ceremony was an account of the history of the old bridge and the planning of the new one, with honorable mention given to local movers and shakers who made its building possible, community planners, financiers and politicians.

Somewhere between the wide political smiles and melodies, everyone but the engineer forgot to mention that the bridge was built by workers who toiled through wind and rain to finish on time, workers who missed dinners with their wives and children, or stayed in motel rooms far away from home, workers who put their lives in peril day after day on scaffolding high above the water.

My dedication is simply this: To travel on the bridge is to ride on ideas that became realty through the fidelity of the strong, loyal men who labored to build it.

Copyright ©2012 Michael Jackson Smith

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